Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just A Quickie... And A Bit Of A Teaser

Soooo... while I have not nearly enough time or energy, nor the inclination, at the moment, to do any of these things, I do have big plans in store! First up, and second, and... hehehe... are going to be some features about slex, one of my all-time favorite topics, something I'm quite talented and skilled at, and something I enjoy immensely. Expect posts to follow to be full of vim and vigor ;) I will be doing some bitching however, because slex and slove, just like in RL (ugh, dirty word, quick -- run before it catches up with you!), cannot always be "Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows" as Lesley Gore would say. I will also however be giving out my top-secret list of slurls for the best animation shops on sl at some point, as well as conducting a slex/slove survey, and proudly extolling the virtue's of Dirty Needle Exchange's own free sex club, Rohypnol Rough Sex Club. And yes, I will be on the ball this time and including urls. I may also proudly babble about a new opportunity I recently encountered (yes, it is related to slex lol), bdsm in sl, the nature of sl relationships and the inevitability of some degree of attachment, and a variety of other slex and slove subjects. Ooh, just thought of another good one... slurls for lingerie/latex/leather/costumes/etc... how about slurls for bdsm equipment/furniture/toys? Web resources for bdsm in sl? Links to blogs like the Bits and Bobs blog or BabyDoll LaFontaine's??? Just thinking off the top of my head now (if you could call it that), so let me know what you think. Seriously, slex is one of my favorite subjects and I have the knowledge and experience ;) to write on and on about it so let me know what you guys are looking for... slurls, links, anecdotes, advice, information, what? Inquiring minds want to know... well this one does at least lol. So hit that comment button or email me at with your suggestions, ideas, questions, comments, pics, etc etc and so on and so forth. Thank you all very much for the generous feedback... you kick ass then kick it a lil more... I genuinely and honestly appreciate that and am glad that I've met EVERY single av I've met in SL... even the ones muted/banned from my land/etc... After all, though we don't always do it, there is a lesson (or millions) to be learned in slife, again and again... so keep your eyes open for those tell-tale signs screaming "learn me, learn me now" and for the situations that lead to those signs. Trust me, always go with your gut... you'll know a good thing when you find it... just like you'll know what sucks ass as soon as you meet the wrong person or do/say/buy the wrong thing... buy hey it can always be worse -- after all, at least this is all SL and not that pesky RL thing... in the long-run, in most cases, for most of us, it will NEVER be real life, so while yes, imho there are definitely, and often quite real and quite strong, attachments and emotions, all that jazz, it is still JUST A GAME... GET OVER IT, MOVE ON, GO GET LAID IN RL IF YOU CAN'T DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN THE 2 BECAUSE YOU'RE OBVIOUSLY WAAAY TOO INVOLVED WITH YOUR SL SIGNIFICANT OTHER AND YOU NEED TO RUN FOR THE HILLS BEFORE REAL DAMAGE IS DONE TO YOUR HEART... WHY RISK HAVING AN AVATAR BREAK IT WHEN THEY ARE FLESH AND BLOOD PEOPLE OUT THERE?
Okay, enough yelling and ranting, suffice it to say, yes, I've been burned bad, more than once, and have had my heart broken into a million little pieces by sl significant others. So yeah, I have friends, and I enjoy their company, witty banter, conversation, comfort and coziness even, as well as my slex, but I keep my heart out of it and try to keep my feet in the water as far as the rl relationship game is concerned as well. It's all a matter of balance. Just don't go off the deep end for anyone in-world because in the end, it will more than likely NOT turn out the way you'd like. There are exceptions. I will tell their stories here too :D
More on the way soon... don't forget to tell me what you want to hear about first! The comment button is just sooo easy to point and click, then you enter some text in the little box provided (this is done by typing), then, once again you perform some point and click maneuvers and next thing you know.... voila! There it is staring back at you -- your comment, my blog, properly blended, existing all copacetic-like and symbiotically... so stop being lazy here cause I know you all do this in sl... it ain't that hard... get with the program and hook a girl up with that comment-lovin'! I really do NEED and LOVE the feedback on this one ;)