Wednesday, January 21, 2009

You're about to hear something you'll NEVER see a marathon SLer like myself say: thank you LL for disabling log-ins this A.M. Yes, thank you, not fuck you, lol. See, what happened was, I had to do stuff and think and be in my own head. And so thoughts came rushing in and eventually the words started to align and voila -- I had written a poem. Do you have any idea how long its been since I wrote anything of substance? Months, so long it hurts, like oxygen deprivation, like that horror when there is no air to take into your lungs. So, yeah, we gotta get outa SL sometimes and into the real world, even if it's only our own heads because we wither without oxygen. So, next time SL blocks logins (like prolly later today, lol) do yourself a favor, do something you love in real life and for god's sake, get off the damn computer. Without further ado, said poem:


You were a beautiful dream
Little thing
And it seemed
On your way to every thing

Book in hand, how well your voice was heard
And you were the belle of the ball
Though you had to be half in the bag
On your way to hearing the click
To feel like maybe you fit

The glare is so bright
Eyes like sandpaper and
“its been how many days???”
Arrested development and
Welcome back, Jason Bateman
It’s called a double entendre

Well, come to me, Baby
Let’s merge, let’s become one
Let’s kick off our shoes and have some fun
“I want to see you in the morning light”

Oh Bob, how do the words come?
I can’t hear them in my mind
I think they’ve gone to hide

Let’s do this thing
Let’s see the fruition of the dream
Prove to me that voice is wrong
Revel in your song

copyright 2009 Katherine Andrews