Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Aislinn's Plurk Challenge: Reflections on Reverence

Reflections on Reverence

holiness as i know it
the beauty in all the little moments of awakening
the breathlessness of a true moment of joy
feeling helpless in the presence of enormity
the crashing of breakers on the shore
real love, not the superficial kind, but lasting love, pure love, unconditional love
laughter, deep throaty peals of it emanating heartily from loved chests
catching laughter
the kind that is contagious and irrepressible and uncontainable and leaves you breathless, tears soaking your cheeks
all the people who hold me up when i fall so far into the underbelly of the beast
when i can't hold myself up and need hands to pull me out of that black hole
in all its forms
whether it's as simple as a ray of sunshine illuminating my desk or as powerful as a perfectly crafted poem
or a song that leaves me breathless and shaken and stirred and completely speechless
a canvas with brushstrokes that have created an image so powerful it transcends simple "art' and becomes something bigger than that simple word, something so much more meaningful and personal and treasured
worn books and notebooks filled with smeared ink and a computer filled with song upon song upon song
i do not revere the gods
i make my own
i revere the simplicity of a touch, a word, a kindly gesture,
the feeling of your warm breath on the back of my neck
i make my own religion
and it is sacred

copyright 2009 Katherine Andrews

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Emulating Stu the Kid, 11-1-09

November 1, 2009
Emulating Stu The Kid

you keep doing this to yourself
staking your future on impossible odds
again and again i try to tell you that
the house always wins
as you draw another card
as your baited breath belies
the tension
the game brings with it
no, not a game
for for you, it is so much more
like air, you feed off it
you stake your future on it
insisting one day
you'll win that big pot
have that one good night
sorry, you are no Stu Ungar
and even that legend
was destroyed by his genius
banned from playing blackjack and rummy
od'ing just days after his big comeback
and you, you are no Stu the Kid
do it, yes, for fun
but please, i beg of you
stake nothing
when you stake your chips

copyright 2009 Katherine Andrews