Monday, September 8, 2008

2 Of My Favorite Second Life Tools

Hiya again folks! Hope you've spent some time away from the computer before viewing this. That is, assuming anyone is actually viewing this, which is probably highly unlikely, lmfao. Anyway, shall we get to the point? I have goodies for you! Links to 2 of my favorite sl tools that you can find on this great big magnificent thing we call the web.

First we have "Script Me!" -- a site that by just clicking a few buttons -- yes, it is LITERALLY point and click, you can create your basic scripts such as notecard and inventory givers, as well as many more. The easiest auto-scripter I've ever used. It's so easy a corky (aka idiot) could do it... and i do mean a friggin below the 80 IQ point certifiable moron. It's great... bookmark, use it, love it, share the wealth!

Script Me!

Okay, up next we've got Kippie Friedkin's Second Life Viewer Cheatsheet (this too needs trademark symbol... wah... someone friggin, for the love of god, comment on one of these posts and tell me how the fuck I do that shit?). This is a cheatsheet of ALL known keyboard shortcuts in SL at the time of publication, and i believe Kippie has indicated that it will be continually updated. Print it, post it near your keyboard, never ask someone how you do a shortcut you've used 80 million times before! Here's the link for the blog and download...

Kippie Friedkin's Second Life Viewer Cheatsheet

Use 'em, abuse 'em (not really!), enjoy 'em, deploy 'em (to other residents)!
Kisses! Katelynn :D