Monday, September 8, 2008

Hi Yall!

Just saying hey... and getting this shit started in my usual roundabout way. How to explain what I plan to do, want to do with this blog? OMG! I'm completely clueless... not as to what I want/plan to do, but as to what words to use to describe it... Okay, well here goes nothing, and if it makes no sense, don't say I didn't warn ya!
The purpose of this blog is mainly for me to ramble about Second Life (omfg... where is the little trademark thingy on my keyboard??? Suffice it to say Second Life is a trademark of Linden Labs and I will be correcting this post in the future to reflect it as such in the proper manner...) Now, moving on... As I was saying, there isn't really a well-defined purpose to this blog. It will simply be my observations on, ruminations on, attitudes about, bitching/whining/moaning about, and so on and so forth, SL (again insert trademark thingy here... I'll let you infer from now on until such time as post is fixed). I'm also going to try to include useful info (up to the minute even on occasion, for instance, when the grid is down etc), tools, links, blogs, tutorials, etc etc, that I've found and that have helped me. And of course as I find them, I will try to keep yall up to speed. And you all will more than likely get a little insight into my slife, and my slove slife, and slex slife, etc, though I will attempt to change the details enough to protect the guilty ;) Anyway, it's just one crazy bitch's take on slife, her slife in particular, with her own crazy lil spin on it, which you may or may not find amusing... but that's the great thing about the web... there's always another site, another blog, hell, you can even play SL or, omg, yes it's possible, even I do it on rare occasions, TURN OFF THE COMPUTER! And I'll leave you with that as my thought for the day folks... whether you're a complete sl addict, or you work on the computer, go to school on the computer, play other games, whatever, you probably are staring at a computer screen WAAAAAAAAY too much of your day.... I know I am... so think about it... just for an hour or two, or if you're really feeling bold, a few hours, TURN OFF THE COMPUTER TODAY!