Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Poem: The Fruition Of The Dream

the fruition of the dream

i've got my eye on the prize
and for once, i've shed my disguise
i'm the caterpillar emerged from the cocoon
a butterfly, and not a moment too soon

alas, nothing gold can stay
it all fades away
they'll take it from you in every way
again, all your edges begin to fray

yet, i ain't gonna let the bastards get me down
i won't go without a fight, i'll win the crown
i'll do this thing, i'll see the fruition of my dream
all i need is a little lovin' and my all-star team

how can i give up?
how can i pour the wine from the cup?
i can't let this be the end of something i built
i can't let one small thread unravel the whole damn quilt

so have no fear
i may have been taken down a peg
but i see no reason to grovel or beg
everything will eventually make itself crystal clear

copyright 2009 Katherine Andrews