Sunday, July 19, 2009

Retrospectacular Total And Thank Yous

Retrospectacular to Benefit NAMI Total, 7-19-09, 9:19 pm

Thank Yous:

First, foremost, and without a doubt, the lovely and amazing Ms. Alicia Falworth, who, without her help, there is no way in hell this ever would've happened.

Also, in no particular order, Glamouramam Boa & The Slag Burlesque Troupe, Jacolyn Mathy, Mzdeedee Dagger, Alabama Smalls, Gwendowlyn Weston, Jasper Haifisch, Woody Stapleton, Enigma Bombay/Xi Ballyhoo/Solange Simundsen, OMGWTF Barbecue, Lindsey Rowlands, Hallelujah Mighty, Serenity Thor, Kookie Hax, ssmariner Flossberg, Zedelbee Zuhal, Violet Morellet, Irie Campese, devo Horten/Opus Romano, Alex Kawanishi, Bakersfield Kidd, Malkavius Aeon, UVAL Amiot, Rumpledink Robbiani, Clark Bowenford, all the club owners who allowed their djs to skip set/etc, all the djs, kissing booth volunteers, car wash volunteers, auctionees, people who donated items, people who lent items, people who helped build, and anyone else I've left out (not on purpose, trust me, bring it to my attention and I'll make a correction). Thank you all so very much!
From the bottom of our hearts,
Katelynn Dastardly & Alicia Falworth <3