Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Poem: Fairy Tales and Myths

moments collide
with breathless abandon
my senses electrified,
my nerve-endings jangly,
every fiber of my being overcome with emotions i thought were the stuff of fairy-tales or myths
never did i know the princess could kiss the frog and he'd turn into a prince
nor did i figure the ugly duckling actually ever turned into a swan
but here i am
as beautiful as anyone
beaming from ear to ear
joy seeping from every pore
illuminating me
as for once
i take center stage
am the belle of the ball
and this time without substance to help me along
pure and free
i shine like a firefly
dancing around you
lighting you
with my illuminosity
and ferocity
a mythic being
the stuff fairy tales
and myths
are made of.

copyright 2009 Katherine Andrews