Friday, April 23, 2010

We Broke Ground (So To Speak)!

I'm all giddy and uber-excited because today, or rather, as it is currently 4:55 a.m., yesterday, I broke ground on Retrospectacular, in a manner of speaking. Yes, we've been making our lists, we've been checking them twice, and all that goodness, and other stuffs nice. However, we have yet to do anything of real significance (though that will be changing very shortly, in the next week or so, I hope... be ready for some notecards and IMs folks, because we're comin' a'knockin'). But...! But...! But...! Well, I bought the first building for this year's Retrospectacular to Benefit NAMI. One that I hope we'll be able to use as a punk club. YAY!

Now, this might not seem of all that much significance to you, however, it was something I did that felt tangible to me, that produced results that I could see and walk through, that I could imagine transformed and start making plans for. It made me feel like I had actually taken a step forward and accomplished something, gave me that shove I needed, that oomph, to be ready to tackle the task at hand. So, folks, be ready for me to start going into work-mode in the next few weeks. After all, have you checked your calenders lately? This year's Retrospectacular is a mere 11 weeks away. Now that may sound like tons of time to you but to me, it sounds like a heartbeat. I'm a slacker and a slow worker and I like to start things early so I can take my time in the beginning.

Anyways, point being, I got something done and I'm proud and I wanted to share my excitement and enthusiasm with you all. The Retrospectacular to Benefit NAMI's proceeds go to a wonderful charity close to my heart, The National Alliance On Mental Illness. I hope in the coming weeks to talk to many of you about how you can help make this year's Retrospectacular the roaring success that last year's was. For more information and/or to volunteer in any way/shape/form (pariticularly if you're a content creator or dj), contact me, Katelynn Dastardly, or Alicia Falworth by IM or notecard inworld.