Sunday, August 16, 2009

NEW POEM: Just In Time

just in time

am i running out of time?
i know i have all the time in the world
as much time as any of us have
yet i feel this impending sense of urgency
this breathlessness
like as if I'm living in moments fraught with urgency and importance
and all this time
with a million eyes watching to see what I'll do next
I'm frittering away the most important moments of my life
blowing on dandelions yet forgetting to make wishes
not holding sacred or dear the spells cast upon me
the intoxication each breath should bring
numb, I sleepwalk through the fabric of my life
going through the motions, dialing it in
and with each step, wondering if I should be kicking myself for the one I just took
oh lord, let me wake up
live fully, fiercely, feverishly
breathe deeply, filling my lungs,
letting fresh air get me drunk on the weight of a single joyous moment
so fraught with emotion
so frequent yet so fragile

copyright 2009 Katherine Andrews