Sunday, March 1, 2009

~worship~ and the coming of set lists

Sooo... been awhile since I wrote one of these things. Fuckin slacker I am. Damnit. I'ma be more on point I swear. Really. Pinky swear. Actually, I have a surprise for you that should keep me on point. I'm going to start posting my set lists so I'll prolly write something else whenever I post one. And, hopefully, it'll inspire me to do it in between too. Anyways. That's what's new, set lists will be posted. Oh yeah, and if ya haven't already heard, I have a club now. It's pretty hot. Small, but you can still pack a fuckload of yall up in that piece. /me grins. LOL. And to those of you who've been there, I'd just like to tell you that I've added 10+ dances to the dance bell and that the vast majority (all but two or three, I think) are male or unisex. I was sorely lacking in make dances. Had like one. LOL. Soooo friggin sad. But rectified now. Now it's super-mega-royally-hot. /me grins. LOL. Anyway. I'ma go type up those damn set lists from yesterday now. Shyte. This going to be fun! Not. Well, yes, but a bitch to do, lol. Worth it though. Anyways, babbling. No surprise there. Set lists! Fuck yeah. Oh, I forgot... here's the info on my club, ~worship~...


A chillspot or "club" where individuals congregate to "worship" music, friendship, conversation, dancing, and lots of other cool shit. Indie/ alt/ garage/ punk/ hiphop/ electronica/ oldies/ etc etc and so on and so forth