Friday, March 13, 2009

It's All The Same 3-12-09

It's All The Same

i shake my ass
and i'm full of sass
most nights i'm out havin a fuckin blast
but doncha know it's just a fuckin act
i've got a very pretty mask
i know you do too
it's just what we do
we have no other way to be
can't you see
what's rotten inside
we must hide
not just from the big bad world
but from our our own consciousness
god forbid it become known
open, unlocked
because we're so afraid it would cause alarm and shock
please, spare me
we're all deviants and pervs
hurt and alone
with sordid pasts and wild tales to tell
tell me your darkest secrets and i'll buy you an ale
because, trust me doll,
my pandora's box has more sin and sex and deviance and hurt than yours
but let's not play that game
the my pain is greater than your pain game
because the point i'm trying to make
is in the end
it's all the same

copyright 2009 Katherine Andrews