Sunday, February 21, 2010

Breaking News!

So, all you The Love Language fans, I gots the scoop for yas. Well, maybe. Based on status updates on The Love Language's facebook, they've been hard at work recording their upcoming Merge Records debut. Soz, I also have Stuart McLamb individually on my facebook. His last status message simply says, "done." Most of the comments would make it seem that most people believe he is referring to the album. However, since he has not said anything else since, who can say for sure? Also, nothing new of interest on The Love Language's page. So... done for the day? done for now? Or, DONE?!"

UPDATE 2-22-10: He was "done" with the dishes. What a tease! *Rolls my eyes*

UPDATE 4:08 slt/pst, 2-22-10: from 3 hours ago, The Love Language's facebook wall:

"the album's done. it's all so bitter sweet."

Update, 2-23-10: