Thursday, April 23, 2009

Twitter Poem - The Five Stages Of Death

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Five Stages Of Death

This falling-out-of-love process is a dull ache as I go through the five stages of grief, mourning something never mine to begin with.

I. Acceptance
Starting backwards, I accept that all I ever did was make a fool of myself over someone who never wanted me and even if he had, still would never be able to give.

II. Anger
I see red when I look in the mirror because I define insanity as i dive into moments all big-eyed and eager, expecting endings that differ from endings before.

III. Bargaining
There will be no bargaining this time. I'm skipping that step. I will not further debase myself for you. Let me have this one little thing.

IV. Depression
Diving deep into despair, I see you everywhere. Why can't rid myself of you? Your rough surfaces are chafing the inside of my mind, where you're stuck with superglue.

V. Denial
What? I never loved you! I never cared! Who am I kidding? These useless denials don't even fool me anymore. You hit me in the gut, you cut me to the core. I'm not the same girl anymore.

VI. Acceptance Again
I just gotta let my heart purge itself of you, regardless of the bile produced in the process, or the miles I gotta log to cross this abyss.