Thursday, April 23, 2009

Regular Wednesday Velvet Set, 4-22-09, 7-9pm slt

1. "Lose Big" -- Eef Barfalay
2. "Ana" -- The Pixies
3. "The Golden Age of Aviation" -- The Lucksmiths
4. "Knife" -- Grizzly Bear
5. "My Heartbeat's Dying" -- The Raveonettes
6. "As April Is To May" -- Luke Winslow King
7. "A New England" -- Billy Bragg
8. "Judy Is A Punk" -- The Ramones
9. "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker" -- The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
10. "Between Love And Hate" -- The Strokes
11. "This Girl Isn't My Girlfriend" -- Little Man Tate
12. "Let's Dance To Joy Division" -- The Wombats
13. "If You Got The Money" -- Jamie T
14. "26 Miles (Santa Cantalina)" -- Dent May and His Magnficent Ukelele
15. "Riot Van" -- Arctic Monkeys
16. "Problem With Remembering" -- Broken Records
17. "When I Died" -- The Thermals
18. "Henney Buggy Band" -- Sufjan Stevens
19. "I KEEP MYSELF TO MYSELF" -- The Boy Least Likely To
20. "Detroit '67" -- Sam Roberts
21. "I Won't Lie To You" -- Let's Wrestle
22. "28 Butts" -- Little Jackie
23. "A Hand To Take Hold Of The Scene" -- Okkervil River
24. "Buriedfed" -- Miled Benjamin Anthony Robinson
25. "Lover I Don't Have To Love" -- Bright Eyes
26. "All This And More" -- Dead Boys
27. "Claque! Claque!" -- Nous Non Plus
28. "Savour All The Days" -- The Minders
29. "Helium Hearts" -- Super Furry Animals
30. "Liquor Talking" -- The Daves
31. "Bleary Eyed" -- Annuals
32. "Love Will Tear Us Apart" -- Joy Division
33. "Another Girl, Another Planet" -- The Only Ones
34. "Can You Tell" -- Ra Ra Riot
35. "I Love John, She Loves Paul" -- Beulah
36. "Where Eagles Dare" -- The Misfits
37. "Horrorshow" -- The Libertines
38. "The Start of Something" -- Voxtrot
39. "We Danced Together" -- The Rakes

Twitter Poem - The Five Stages Of Death

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Five Stages Of Death

This falling-out-of-love process is a dull ache as I go through the five stages of grief, mourning something never mine to begin with.

I. Acceptance
Starting backwards, I accept that all I ever did was make a fool of myself over someone who never wanted me and even if he had, still would never be able to give.

II. Anger
I see red when I look in the mirror because I define insanity as i dive into moments all big-eyed and eager, expecting endings that differ from endings before.

III. Bargaining
There will be no bargaining this time. I'm skipping that step. I will not further debase myself for you. Let me have this one little thing.

IV. Depression
Diving deep into despair, I see you everywhere. Why can't rid myself of you? Your rough surfaces are chafing the inside of my mind, where you're stuck with superglue.

V. Denial
What? I never loved you! I never cared! Who am I kidding? These useless denials don't even fool me anymore. You hit me in the gut, you cut me to the core. I'm not the same girl anymore.

VI. Acceptance Again
I just gotta let my heart purge itself of you, regardless of the bile produced in the process, or the miles I gotta log to cross this abyss.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Monday's Regular Dirty Needle Exchange set -- 4/20/09

1. "Suffer for Fashion" -- Of Montreal
2. "Baby It's Your Life" -- Benji Hughes
3. "Second, Minute, or Hour" -- Jack Penate
4. "Teenage Kicks" -- Portastatic
5. "Lions of the Kalahari" -- Sam Roberts
6. "Gimme Shelter (acoustic)" -- Metric
7. "Helium Hearts" -- Super Furry Animals
8. "This Girl Isn't My Girlfriend" -- Little Man Tate
9. "Adderall" -- The Hold Steady
10. "Lose Big" -- Eef Barzelay
11. "Problem With Remembering" -- Broken Records
12. "Love Song 20009" -- Dent May and His Magnificent Ukelele
13. "Auctioneer" -- The Broken West
14. "Around Your Neck" -- Annuals
15. "Turn Up the Faders" -- Nathan Asher and the Infantry
16. "Henney Buggy Band" -- Sufjan Stevens
17. "Even If" -- Benji Hughes
18. "The Start of Something" -- Voxtrot
19. "Mais Maintenant Il Faut Danser" -- Nous Non Plus
20. "Singer Songwriter" -- Okkervil River
21. "Buriedfed" -- Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson
22. "She's Still A Mystery" -- The Lovin' Spoonful
23. "A Pirate's Anthem" -- Oh No! Oh My!
24. "I Started a Joke" -- The Lucksmiths
25. "True Or False" -- Bishop Allen
26. "Crest of the Hill" -- The Minders
27. "Three Saddest Words" -- Bombadil
28. "In Heaven" -- The Pixies
29. "Isolation" -- Joy Division
30. "Zero (N.A.S.A. Bloody Lobo Remix)" -- The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
31. "25 Daniels" -- Bombadil
32. "Hallucinations" -- The Raveonettes
33. "Gemstones" -- Adam Green
34. "I Won't Lie To You" -- Let's Wrestle
35. "please don't talk to me i fall" -- My Darling YOU!"
36. "Oh Paris!" -- Dent May and His Magnificent Ukelele
37. "Why Can't We Fall In Love Forever (Anything Is Possible)" -- Physics of Meaning
38. "She's No Good" -- Basement Jaxx
39. "Everything's Big" -- Here We Go Magic
40. "Start A War" -- The National
41. "So Fine" -- Telepathe
42. "The Witch" -- The Never
43."Hurtin' You" -- Ben Kweller
44. "Burn It All Down" -- VHS Or Beta
45. "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker" -- The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
46."Smile When You Kiss" -- Bombadil

Tuesday, April 21, 2009



it's a blandness on my tastebuds
then a contrast with blooming rosebuds
this contradiction i live from second to second
and all of it marked by a lack of breath
and a constant shadow of death

so with useless legs i run
towards a magenta sun
embracing fun and everyone
because i'm one of those silly people who believes in eveyone
despite all the things ive seen and done

oh god you'll never cease to amaze me
the way the sky is ablaze, see
it's all mezmerizing
the dull moments never overshadow this ultimate excitement

copyright 2009 Katherine Andrews

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Newest Poem -- Heat


he whispers sweet nothings to me
instantly i melt
my stomach goo swishing around haphazardly
spine tingling as his electrically charged hands
press into the small of my back
and like two magnets being pulled together by a physical force
we fall into each other
bodies pressed tightly against each other
our breath shallow and our hearts pounding
out the same frantic rhythm
there is no time, no rules, no voices in our heads
just sensation and emotion
and we come together like animals
primal and fierce
with an unquenchable thirst
our flame flaring
we will not be extinguished

copyright 2009 Katherine Andrews

Thursday, April 9, 2009

worship Schedule 4/9/09 - 4/12/09

worship Schedule Thursday 4/9/09 to Sunday4/10/09

Thursday 4/9

Alex Kawanishi 1pm - 3pm slt
Davey Goldkey 3pm - 5pm slt
Mari Radikal 5pm -7pm slt
Ices Zapetero 7pm - 9pm slt
?JD Troglodite? 9pm -11pm slt

Friday 4/10

Astrud Sands 6pm - 8pm slt
Rance Alva 8pm - 10pm slt

Saturday 4/10

no one

Sunday 4/11/09

Grimtooth Kohime 12:30pm - 2:30pm slt
Katelynn Dastardly 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm slt

also trying to find djs for 4-6pm friday and 4:30-6:30 sunday