Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Yeahs, we ain't got no freakin' setlists

Soz, I know some of yall may be expecting setlists from the hour I did from 5-6pm slt and the 2 hours I did at 9-11 pm slt at The Velvet last night but apparently hackers attacked Time Warner, which is my internet service provider, and that fucked my 'net. Therefore, winamp crashed during BOTH friggin' sets and the set I originally made and saved was NOT what I played but the whole crashiness thing caused what I DID play to be wiped from winamp. Soz, I really have no clue what I played and I ain't even trying to remember with my shyte memory (ADD and too much something-something). Sorry folks, it was my intention to blog my original setlist, which I suppose I could still do, it's very similar to what I played, minus a fuckin' hour, LOL. But, yeah, I'm not gonna, unless you kick and scream and bust down my door begging me to do so. Anyways, that's all for now, but maybe I'll get some "intimations of inspiration," to quote Ferlinghetti, and write a poem and blog it or something. Dunno, one can only hope. Peace, bishes!