Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A New Poem From A Prompt From One Of My SL Poetry Groups - Something About Spring And Love

Beautiful Man 3-8-09

you beautiful man,
you've awoken in me
something i thought long dead,
something that leaves me breathless
and shaking
and aching
to be touched
by your hands
gently, softly, in
all the right places.
I can only imagine
what it will be like
when these fantasies
come to fruition,
when my waking dreams
turn into reality,
when we finally merge,
become one,
and you leave me undone.
oh lord, i feel
like a flower blossoming
at the first hint of spring.
perhaps it's something in the air
or the intoxicating scent you wear.
All i know is when you're around i can't help but stare.
I feel you in me everywhere.
And i don't care.
It's a delectable pleasure I savor
to be the one you favor.

copyright 2009 Katherine Andrews