Monday, March 16, 2009

Brand Spankin' New Poem!

I'd Rather Be Nice

today i'm the queen of the ball
tomorrow or later i'll be standing against the wall
a wilting flower
i become small
as i watch all of us fall
we smile and make nice
say all the right things
witty and hip till the very end
and what do we win?
a cold bed and shallow breaths
an empty box on our profile
and a lonely death
surrounded by pixel cats
and full of useless facts
man, i'm tired of being smart
when i'm not all that wise
i'm tired of being just a pretty lie
what good does it do me to be in the in-crowd
if most of the time i'm still desparately alone?
cold and aching
with no place to call home?
i'd rather be than act nice
have friends rather than collect people
build a solid church rather than have the highest steeple

copyright 2009 Katherine Andrews